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Doc² is a professional word processor for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

  • Lizenztyp Purchase
  • Datum: 2010-01-14
  • Betriebssystem: iPhone
  • Dateigröße: 2.6MB
  • Hersteller: Byte²
Description Doc 3.0
It lets you view, edit and create Microsoft Word documents and includes the following features:

1. Microsoft Word (.doc) compatible word processor.
2. Character formatting including bold, italic, underline, font face, size, color and highlight.
3. Paragraph formatting including indent, left, right, center and distributed justification style.
4. Bullets and numbering.
5. Inline images inserted from Photo app or via copy and paste.
6. Support for tables, including the ability to create tables.
7. Full text search capability.
8. Copy and paste.
9. Undo and redo.
10. Auto-correction and auto-capitalization.
11. Zoom in and out with text-wrap to device screen width.
12. Permits structuring of documents into folders.
13. Integrates with Windows Explorer or MAC Finder to allow copying of .doc files between desktop computer and iPhone over the wifi network.
14. Tight integration with Google Docs, enabling direct editing of Google Docs documents.
15. Access .doc files stored in a MobileMe iDisk account or any other WebDAV-based server.


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