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Shows incoming text message on full screen instantly when it comes.

  • Lizenztyp Shareware
  • Datum: 2011-01-30
  • Betriebssystem: Symbian
  • Dateigröße: 129KB
  • Hersteller: Smartphoneware
Best Full Screen Message
Description Best Full Screen Message 3.00
When you get a voice call, no matter what application you're in, you always have instant access to it. Why getting a new message should be different on your phone?

FS Message application shows incoming text message on full screen instantly when it comes. You've heard incoming message sound? Just take the phone out of your pocket to see the message on the screen already.

Too busy to check your phone screen? No problem, the program can read aloud the sender's name or the entire incoming message to your phone loudspeaker or headset using text-to-speech engine.

If the text message is too large and does not fit the screen you can scroll it up and down. Additionally it shows all unread messages and you can switch between them very fast with left/right keys.

You can mark the message as read, reply it, call back to the sender, delete the message or open it in messaging application.

Features include:

- Shows message in full screen
- Can read the sender's name or the entire incoming message aloud when it comes.
- Supports 4 levels of message zoom
- Large fonts suitable for people with weak eyesight can be used to display a message
- Supports message scrolling
- Shows all unread messages
- Mark message as read, reply, call back, and delete
- Service based application - works in background and is absolutely transparent to the user

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