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SlovoEd Express for Windows Mobile Pocket PC dictionaries are particularly new k

  • Lizenztyp Freeware
  • Datum: 2010-08-04
  • Betriebssystem: Windows Mobile
  • Dateigröße: 367KB
  • Hersteller: Paragon Software
How Much for Windows Mobile Pocket PC 2003
Description How Much for Windows Mobile Pocket PC 2003 1.2
SlovoEd Express for Windows Mobile Pocket PC dictionaries are particularly new kind of service that provides multilingual translation and brings the advantages of SlovoEd dictionaries in absolutely new way. Now you are able to choose the way you like to get exact translation. Either install, use and purchase several common dictionaries or simply use SlovoEd Express for multilingual translation. All you need is just run SlovoEd Express, choose the language pack you need and buy one-year subscription. Enable Internet connection and get the word translated into any language you need!

SlovoEd Express advantages are great number of word entries, low price, instant access to the dictionary you need and extremely low memory consumption. Don’t waste device memory on words you will never need to translate, let SlovoEd Express bring you exact word meaning at the moment.

SlovoEd Express dictionary for Windows Mobile allows you to get as much as possible detailed and exact translations of words in any forms wherever you are! Now you don’t need to waste time on looking up the unfamiliar words in numerous paper dictionaries or have several SlovoEd dictionaries installed on your device!

Most of the SlovoEd Express dictionaries contain detailed and precise word translations with usage samples, transcription, grammatical information and color markup to satisfy all your needs. High-quality words-bases in SlovoEd dictionaries always stay up-to-date and supported by their owners/publishers. Our partners are the well-known linguistic companies, such as Merriam-Webster Inc., Oxford University Press, Chambers Harrap Publishers, Van Dale Lexicografie BV, Larousse Editorial, S.L., LingoMAXX, MAGENTA LTD, Russkiy yazyk Media.

Read, work, study and travel with a reliable dictionary in your pocket! With SlovoEd Express on your Windows Mobile you will get the word translated in any language you need at the moment.

Outstanding features of SlovoEd Express for Windows Mobile:


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