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Tazer Gun Lite 1.0

Tazer Gun looks and acts like a real taser gun.

Tazer Gun Lite
Licencia: Freeware
Agregado en ES.BS: 2011-03-11
Sistema Operativo: iPhone
Tamaño: 1.80MB
Autor: Inner Four, Inc.


Descripción de Tazer Gun Lite 1.0

Don't taze me bro! Oh yeah I just went there with a year old catch phrase but you'll be getting the same reaction from those who buy into the fact that your iPhone doubles as an industrial grade stun gun. All you need to pull this illusion off is this premier taser app and an accomplice to sell the point by faking the volts and jolts of being tazed. Accept no substitutes Tazer Gun is the best stun gun app on iTunes bar none!

Tazer Gun looks and acts like a real taser gun without the repercussions of incapacitating your unsuspecting friend. Tazer Gun produces a life-like beam of energy that carries and delivers the 'tase.' You have different color options to assign this beam of electricity on your Tazer Gun. If that all wasn't enough this app also produces the same sizzle crackle and zip of a true stun gun. Now whether in broad daylight or in the heat of the night Tazer Gun will fool just about anyone with its authentic look and sound. So not only do you have all these options for the look and delivery of your Tazer Gun but even if you find yourself solo and without an accomplice to fake the act of being electrocuted you have the sound to strike fear right in your fingertips! Let's say you're feeling frisky and want to actually make contact with your victim fear not Tazer Gun simultaneously produces it's life-like sound AND utilizes the vibration function on your iPhone to produce a tangible tingle. We weren't kidding Tazer Gun is the premier tase and shock app on iTunes!

Tazer Gun is very easy to use; choose your model of stun gun choose the electricity color and zap away.

-Different stun gun models
-Different colors for your beam of electricity
-Convincing tase sound
-Simultaneous use of tase sound and vibration for added versatility.
-For comparison only if you liked iTazer Stun-O-Matic and other practical joke and prank apps -you will love Tazer Gun.

Tazer Gun works with all generations of the iPhone as well as the iPod Touch.

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