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Jammed Demo Series 40 1.0

find a solution to each of these puzzling levels.

Jammed Demo Series 40
Licencia: Demo
Agregado en ES.BS: 2010-07-30
Sistema Operativo: Java
Tamaño: 53KB
Autor: publisher


Descripción de Jammed Demo Series 40 1.0

Your blue and white striped car is trapped in the car park and you need to get it out! You`ll need all your brain power to find a solution to each of these puzzling levels.
The aim of this addictive puzzler is to get your car out of the car park. To do so you`ll need to move the other vehicles around in order to create a clear path for you to leave.
This is the free demo version of jammed. The full version is available at
Use the directional control, or 2, 4, 6, 8 to move the on screen cursor around, and use fire, or 5 to select a vehicle, then you can move the vehicle around and press fire (or 5) to deselect.
During the game you can pause using the 0 (zero) key, and then you`ll have access to the in game menu. 5 will reset the level, 1 will quit the game, and 0 will continue the current game.

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