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Flash Piano 2.0

This software is a virtual piano on pocketpc.

Flash Piano
Licencia: Freeware
Agregado en ES.BS: 2011-03-10
Sistema Operativo: Windows Mobile
Tamaño: 2.43MB
Autor: Twolf


Descripción de Flash Piano 2.0

Press or drag your finger across the screen to play notes.
Four diferent instruments to play with.
Keypad up/down to change instruments (or use the top-right buttons).
Keypad left/right for high/low quality.
Press enter to exit the application (or use the red button).

To install:
Copy the EXE wherever you want to, just remenber to copy the sounds folders into there too.
- For WM6 (not sure about WM5) the folder is /Application Data/Volatile/Piano/
- For WM2003 the folder is /temp/Piano
If for some reason this is not the folder, run it once and search for a folder called Piano with your explorer application.

Had to remove the keys animation for a better drag response.

Since the sounds are in mp3 external files, you can change them to your own prefered instruments, or create a fartometer to play uncle fucka...

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