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FaceWarp 1.49

Cognimatics FaceWarp is a unique software for camera phones.

Licencia: Purchase
Agregado en ES.BS: 2010-08-17
Sistema Operativo: iPhone, Java
Tamaño: 146KB
Autor: Cognimatics


Descripción de FaceWarp 1.49

Cognimatics FaceWarp is a unique software for camera phones. Using leading image processing technology, it offers one of the funniest products on the market today. Fully automatically, it finds the faces in pictures and deform them using an built in library of warp filters.

Having fun with friends or family is easy with FaceWarp. Use it at school, at work, anytime and anywhere. FaceWarp is a given success, today found in millions of handsets world wide.

Benefits from FaceWarp
Cognimatics FaceWarp enhances your photo experience and creates extra value for camera phones, encouraging users to send more photos and consequently stimulate MMS and other mobile data traffic.

Design tool
Cognimatics FaceWarp™ is provided together with a powerful software tool for designing and deploying new filters. By using the design tool you can easily create new filters that are certified by Cognimatics and that will be in the correct format for working properly with Cognimatics FaceWarp engine. Cognimatics FaceWarp Design Tool requires PC running Windows XP and having an Internet connection.

Quality assurance
- FaceWarp is a field proven product that has been udes on many cameras and picture qualities.
- It has a proven 95 % accuracy of finding faces.

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