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Age of Heroes 1.0

Age of Heroes will test your Strategic and Commercial skills.

Age of Heroes
Licencia: Freeware
Agregado en ES.BS: 2010-08-18
Sistema Operativo: Java
Tamaño: 1.9MB
Autor: publisher


Descripción de Age of Heroes 1.0

Age of Heroes will test your Strategic and Commercial skills. Its one more real time
RPS / Tycoon game from DigitalWorks IA (c) 2005 with Rich Sound Effects,
SoundTracks, Animations & Graphics. AOH promises to gamers a lot gameplay
hours. The JAR installation file is compatible for both UIQ & S60 Devices.
(Game Tested on: Nokia 6600 and P910i). It is compatible to all other Java-Enabled
Devices with (CLDC 1.0 & MIDp 2.0).The Game runs in FullScreen mode. AOH requires
at least 9.5mb of free RAM and 1.7mb of Disk Space. S60 Users must check the RAM
availability using a Task Manager like switcher because of small RAM(15MB).
Begin to search the Map but be careful to the Monsters! You will find Houses(MarketPlaces &
Magicians), press Action to get in. In houses you can buy Food, energy Potions, Diamonds,
you can also Upgrade your Armor and sell everything for a better price. You will also
see trees on the map. Stay under a tree and press Action to collect wood and then go into
MarketPlaces to sell the wood and win Coins. You have to remember that everything in this
game depends to Coins! Game has 3 Upgrade Levels.(sword Level 1, Sword Level 2, Full
Armor with Axe Level 3). To buy Full Armor you need at least one of the previous. Upgrades
Increase HitPoints, Walk Speed and Collect Wood Speed. In your journey you will find Chests.
Open the Chest by click Action to get a present (Food, Coins, Diamonds, Energy Potions).
Food and Energy Potions you can find on the map sometimes. Otherwise to win one of theses
presents you need to kill a Monster.So UpGrade your hero and start Killing the Monsters then
go find and buy Energy Potions to Increase your Energy (>10000) and then Increase your
HitPoints to 100++ and go to Kill the Big Monster. If you kill the Big Monster without kill all the
other Monsters then you must HurryUp because Big Monster can steal Energy from the other
Monsters to lives up again.So you should kill the Monsters fast!. GOOD LUCK!!

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